The importance of your pre-registration tutor

Revising for the pre-registration exam can be a difficult challenge. I knew from the outset that my weakness was going to be calculations so from January to the date of the exam I ensured that every lunch time during work I would practice for 10-15 minutes and if I was unsure then I would always have my tutor to ask.

It is important to use your tutor; they have bags of experience and will be able to help out in any aspect. It was also important to develop a plan and timeline with your tutor to map out exactly how you will be covering all areas of the syllabus.

Working together to identify weaknesses and set goals was imperative and having that guidance allowed me to tailor my practice more effectively. After all, your tutor can become your role model and for me personally, learning from my tutor is what gave me the drive to work every day, to learn something new and to develop my practice.

June 6, 2016

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