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I am getting nowhere with my pre-reg!

During my pre-registration year I struggled to find the time to revise, it was difficult as my tutor was not always the most helpful. I felt very alone during the year and felt like I had nobody to turn to. When I went to training days I understood the topics at the time but when I came away from the day, it was difficult to recall. It was very important for me to stay positive and to try to figure out a way that would help support me to passing my examination.

I found a lot of motivation by reading and watching motivational videos and realised very quickly that in order for me to succeed, I needed to change my approach. I began to use my time at work picking up ways to learn on the job, whether it be when putting the order away to write down a list of drugs that I am unaware of and research during my lunch, or when dispensing to try to understand what the combinations on the prescription could be used for. I also used my lunch time as a time to do calculations and improve my knowledge in different areas.

Over time, I learnt a lot more by being proactive, so my tips for students who are struggling with their pre-reg year – be proactive, don’t dwell on the negatives, try to find a positive in every negative. Simple tasks such as date checking can be very tedious and annoying, but the minute you use that as an opportunity for some quiet study time is when it becomes a lot better and resourceful for you. Don’t worry about where your other friends are with their revision, you go at your pace, plan your time and don’t think you are falling behind because people around you say they are ready for the exam around six months before the assessment.

January 28, 2017

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