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A Passion For Pharmacy
Are you a pre-registration pharmacist? If so, you are definitely in the right place! We couldn’t be more excited for your journey and we would love to guide you through your preparation for the all-important examination and support you to being the best pharmacist you can be! We are a solution orientated, innovative training provider, shaping our delivery based on student feedback.
Do You Feel Stuck In Your Pre-Reg Studies?
We totally understand. There’s so many people promising to feed you with the right
information so you can pass the exam – but you don’t know which one to go for?
This often leads students to feeling:
  • Overwhelmed – as they feel like there are so many options but not sure where to start or go?
  • Nervous – because you don’t know which one provides the best information and support
  • Stressed – because times ticking away, and you just want to get all the support you can!
If any of the above sounds like you…welcome to Team PreReg! We felt exactly the same
during our PreReg and that’s why we created this unique platform, to serve people like you
with a step by step process which eliminates your stress and nervousness and gives you
direction for your pre-reg year and examination.
"Fantastic engagement from tutors, a real attention to details throughout the whole event."
- Crash Course Manchester 2018
"The course really helped me, especially the level of clinical knowledge I gained both from the BNF and in common OTC situations."
- Crash Course Birmingham 2019
"I really enjoyed the course and felt like it was helpful towards planning my revision and preparing for my exam."
- Masterclass Birmingham 2018
The New Way of Learning For Pre-Reg Students
We're super excited to announce that we have brand new content which will revolutionise the way pre-reg students study. With a modern, unique and innovative approach - we are confident that with our support you will feel 100% prepared for your pre-registration exam. Our team would like to support you from Day 1 all the way through to the exam and lay the foundations for your career as a pharmacist in any sector of the field! We call this a new 'Hybrid' way of learning. (Pleas share with other students as well)
  • Interactive Learning Sessions
  • Leading Events Management
  • Innovative Learning Techniques
  • Clinical Expert Knowledge
  • OTC Knowledge Coaching 
  • Calculations Delivered by Experts
  • Law & Ethics Made Simple
  • Time Management Skills
  • Stress & Exam Management
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Planning Your Revision
  • Market Leading Success Rate
  • Study Materials 
  • Printed Resource Books 
  • On Demand Service
1 Day Face–to–Face
Revision Courses
Studies have shown that learning face-to-face has the most impact on your ability to consume information and retain it. That's why we highly suggest you attend one of our 1 Day revision courses where we work with you closely and you can ask all your questions first-hand. 
On Demand Online Crash Course Virtual Tutorials
We get that working full-time and preparing for the exam can be a tricky balancing act. That’s why we’ve created this on demand virtual resource which will help you learn and consolidate important aspects in a concise and productive way.
Meet Your Mentors At Team PreReg
Jay Modhvadia
Our calculations specialist. Jay delivers content tailored to each individual student to ensure they feel confident 100% of the time.
Mital Thakrar
Our events specialist. Mital will take care of all the fine details to ensure that your learning experience is like no other.
Harvinder Mann
Our clinical specialist. Harvinder delivers clinical content with real life case studies so you can leave with 100% confidence.
Fawzia Lokat
Our content specialist. Fawzia develops innovative learning techniques to drive excellence amongst our students.
Learn From Award Winning Mentors
Your mentors and tutors throughout your education are so important. They have so much knowledge and experience and are actually your biggest and best resource! Even our team have our own mentors and without them we wouldn’t be where we are today!

We strive to lead by example and we take pride in delivering world class, step by step training that helps you get results – simple! If you fail in the exam – so have we. We are on a mission to serve pre-reg students like yourself to live the life you want and deserve and be the best pharmacist possible! Team PreReg will provide this foundation for you.
  • Promote Clinical Excellence and Passion For Learning
  • Offer Professional, Innovative and Unique Training
  • Promote Interpersonal Skills
  • Promote Leadership
  • Offer Students a Networking Platform
More Team PreReg Reviews
"A great professional feel to the day, great clinical session. The day was intense but highly valuable."
 - Crash Course Leicester 2019
"This course has brought the passion back to pharmacy that I lost during my third year at university."

 - Crash Course Manchester 2019
"Great course! Clinical session was amazing, very impressed with the knowledge that was provided to me."
 - Crash Course London 2019
Introducing The Products
Smash your calculations with our first on demand calculations learning tutorial. Learn every method until you feel 100% more comfortable and then test yourself with some exam style questions.
Join our expert tutors in a clinical masterclass session taking you through each therapeutic area, discussing cases, conditions and testing your knowledge with case studies and exam style questions. 
Law & Ethics
This on demand lecture will provide you with the key information you need to know, ready for the all-important pre-registration examination. 
This virtual class will coach you through OTC scenarios, products and how to recognise signs and symptoms and how they interfere with regularly prescribed medication. 
OTC Guide
This resource outlines all over the counter areas discussing signs, symptoms, referral criteria and medication available.
Clinical Therapeutics Guide
A summary of all clinical therapeutic areas laid out in an easy to understand format, summarising key aspects of clinical conditions.
Clinical Knowledge Guide
A heavy focus on clinical therapeutics and in particular the medications involved. A brilliant summary of the BNF making it much easier for you.
Book Bundle
Get all three of our books together for a discounted price. Clinical Therapeutics Guide + Clinical Knowledge Guide + OTC Guide
1 Day Face to Face Revision Course
Our team will deliver a truly unique learning experience providing you with the highest standard of pre-reg support. Innovative resources, a range of learning
methods and lots of exam technique and practice. This course will provide you with the confidence, resilience and determination to succeed and be the best you can be! That is our 100% guarantee!
Book Now For The ‘On Demand Online Crash Course Virtual Tutorials
Book now for the ‘On Demand Online Crash Course Virtual Tutorials' and study the complete A-Z program you need to be fully prepared for your upcoming exam.

Completely online so you can study via your computer, pad or smartphone, whenever fits you best.
 1-2-1 Tutoring Sessions
Book now to arrange a 1-2-1 tutoring session with an expert who will be able to coach you through different topics such as Calculations, Clinical or OTC. We can also arrange for exam coaching and motivation tutoring to set you up for your revision schedule ahead.

Limited spots available so first come, first serve.
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It's Now Your Time To Shine
"Attending this course was a blessing because I'm so glad that I feel motivated at this time point with over 2.5 months left till the exam. Thank you TPR!"

 - Crash Course Leicester 2019
"The course was a unique experience. Everyone was so approachable. If
only my university lectures were delivered in this way."
 - Masterclass Birmingham 2019
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Not Sure Where To Get Started?
That's totally fine! We've put together a free beginner-friendly but value packed Success Toolkit that will help you get started and learn the fundamentals for moving forward towards your PreReg and Pharma studies.
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